January 28, 2012


We were up and heading out before daylight this morning. The tide was in our favor and we wanted to make the most of it. The short distance from the St Augustine mooring field was against the tide coming in the inlet, but, as soon as we turned N we got a great push.
I didn’t take many pictures today. I guess nothing really caught my eye and the dolphins didn’t come up to play. Though I did see a lot of them along the way.
After we left the ICW, and entered the St Johns River on the E side of Jacksonville, this big container ship passed by, going to sea.
The orange thing on the back of the ship is the crew’s life boat. It is an enclosed capsule to keep them out of the cold elements.
The ship was going very slow when it passed by, and it didn’t look as though it kicked up any wake at all……but it sure did. I thought I was going to bury the nose of our boat going over the second wave. Glad it wasn’t in a hurry and kicking up big ones.
The front of our boat looks similar to this little fishing boat….maybe that is why the Pelicans fly over and land near us…they even look at us like we should be tossing them a fish.
Our anchorage for the night is behind Exchange Island. Just before the first of 5 bridges in Jacksonville, FL.
Nice quiet night, didn’t even feel the boat turn with the tide.

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