January 28, 2012


The trip from Green Cove Springs to our anchorage at Murphy’s Creek, was a very interesting one. The wind against the tide was creating some pretty good chop and for one long stretch of the river it was hitting us broadside and we had to do a lot of tacking to keep from having a rolly polly ride.

Jim commented it had been an unproductive day, I hadn’t taken any pictures. But, the reason I wasn’t messing with the camera is because I was doing most of the driving….and having a blast.

I guess he found it boring since he only got to drive when I had to make a trip to the head or take Raisin on deck when the water was smooth.

We rafted up in Murphy’s Creek, with a pretty sunset, a glass of wine and conversation with good friends.

Once the bugs came out and then the bats trying to catch them…the curtains came down and we buttoned up for the night.


I will finish “Wreckers Key” tonight.  It’s a good read.

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