January 4, 2012


The mast light, Jim had ordered, showed up around 8 this morning. After he picked that up and dumped the trash, we backed out of the slip. We were so close to the seawall that we ran aground…The rudder was in the mud…and we couldn’t go backwards any more…I used the boat hook to push the bow around and we moved forward…So….now we are even …

We fueled at the marina. Larry had checked on Active Captain and the price there was a few cents cheaper than over in the barge canal. In 2009 when we came down thru here that was the cheapest place. Active Captain is a website where boaters can go to check on fuel, anchorages, marinas etc. When you find cheap fuel…you post it on the site…same with a good anchorage or an especially good marina, grocery stores within walking distance of a dock or anchorage etc.

Both boats took 24.7 gallons. The dock attendant called the amount into the cashier and she thought he was kidding. Our last fuel was in Georgetown on the St  Johns River. 244 miles ago.

We had a couple of big boats pass us. Both gave nice slow passes and Jim thanked them for it.


This one was going the same way we were.


Once he got past us…it was mash on the gas….


We only did 31 miles today….that used to sound like a lot….we are anchored near the 404 Bridge, it takes you to Patrick AFB.

We are rafted up to A Dollar More. Diane made supper and we are going over there for a movie after dark.

Tomorrow we should be in Vero Beach.

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