January 6, 2012


Our anchorage got a little bouncy last night. Bit more than rocking in a cradle. The wind was up a little, but actually created more noise with the water slopping between the boats than anything. I got up and checked a couple of times and we hadn’t moved. Larry’s anchor held us both.

As soon as the sun started up we were on our way. Larry took this of us riding off into the sunrise.


This was his early morning view..


Can’t remember what Larry was checking on….but here he is on the outside….


Once we were in the channel….boats started to overtake us…tough getting passed by a sailboat.


They were motoring…so I guess it doesn’t count. We noticed as they went by, that the dingy was moving around a lot behind them.


A few miles later, they had stopped, so we slowed down….the dingy had flipped and sank. Jim and I picked up a float cushion, Larry and Diane netted the oar. After they were passed off, we hung around to see if we could be of any help. Larry suggested using the winch to pull the back of the dingy up so the water would run out. The front was already tied off. They said thanks for the help and felt they could get the water out, so we moved on.

I’ve been trying to get pictures of dolphins….Larry got this one of Diane looking over the side at one. She and I are always on “dolphin alert”.

Diane and dolphins

Diane takes her turn at the wheel….most of the time she is at the wheel while docking or entering locks (none on the ICW) so that Larry can handle the lines and fenders. It’s good to have both people able to drive incase one gets sick etc.

Diane at wheel

Sometimes you look in the rear view mirror and are surprised at what you see…


Here’s a closer look…Could I live there?  Nahhhh…anything that big would have to have a sail…I couldn’t afford the fuel. But it sure is pretty.


I believe all these home are only accessible by water.


As we got closer to Vero Beach we started seeing how the other half lives….actually this may be the low rent district…it looks out onto the ICW…behind them the homes look over the ocean…now that would the the high rent district.



These places are much larger than they appear. The only people we saw around any of them….were maintenance crews.


They could all be hotels…


A Dollar More….sneaking up on us.


Entering the Vero Beach Marina….we’ll pick up a mooring for 2 nights. Diane called them on the radio and reserved us one. She’s our official “radio person”….she has a clear crisp voice and it never fails to get a response. People love talking to her.


Rumor has it…this boat belongs to Tiger Woods….


We’ll go into town for parts and groceries  tomorrow. There is a dingy dock for boaters on moorings. Also a laundry and showers. We spoke to a couple who have been here a month. And that is not unusual. Moorings are much cheaper than slips so a lot of liveaboards take extended stays here. It is a nice marina. A bus service picks you up at the front door and you can go most anywhere. Our trip tonight turned out to be a 20 min tour. It was the last run and we didn’t want to have to walk back from the restaurant…..so we called for Pizza delivery when we got back to the marina. By the time it arrived, we were starved….maybe that’s why it tasted so great!!!

Our dingy ride back to the boat was after dark….and the air had really cooled down. First thing I did was fire up our Mr Heater. We ran that while we read and had a glass of wine…then shut down and went to bed.

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