January 10, 2012


Dinner at Waldo’s, was, to put it mildly….COLD.  We opted to eat out on the deck so we could see the ocean. The food was good and priced right. The restaurant is actually in “The Driftwood Motel”….you have to drive into the rear. The sky was a gorgeous sky-blue-pink with a nice full moon. I had on a jacket to match Jim’s and I was still cold.

dinner at waldo

I have been coughing and sneezing …..so dinner outside probably wasn’t one of my best choices….but it definitely was beautiful. We had just decided to go back inside when the food arrived.

Jim was up around 0530 this morning. He and Larry are going to return the rental car. Before they do that they’ll see if they can find an Auto Zone for the LEDs. We were so cold last night we just headed home.

This is the marina at sunrise.


I spotted a couple of dolphins working along the shoreline and was trying to get pictures when this beauty was pulling out. I could definitely live here….but I think I know who would get to varnish the masts. So many of the boats in here belong to long distance voyagers….several were up before the sun came up…getting the boats cleaned up with mops and stowing everything away…getting “ship-shaped” as they put it. When you travel the ICW, you are always thinking of how the tide is going to help you…if it means being ready as soon as you can see…then you are. Nothing like being retired and sleeping in…


Jim was able to set up the extended run with the new tank. We wanted to try it out and he wanted me to be warm so we let it run. I had picked up a small slow cooker and was trying Diane’s recipe for ribs, they needed to cook all night.

Well, I’m paying for my mistake of sitting outside, I am worse today. I manage to get a really bad cold about once every 3 years and I was due…I spent most of the day in bed….what a luxury….I normally don’t sleep all night…let alone all day.

I was up long enough to get rafted up at the anchorage for the night….fix supper and clean up….then back to bed. The ribs were good…but not as good as Diane’s. I’ll have to keep trying.

A beautiful sunset.




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