January 10, 2012


We had so many stops to make, in town, we decided to rent a car. If we were going to be here for a few days, we could use the bus line. But there were so many changes that had to be made it would have taken all day……so we rented a car.

Jim and I went in early so he could shower. When we got to the dingy dock a van pulled up and dropped of a young lady. She had taken her husband to the hospital the day before by rescue boat and her dingy was at their boat. Larry was just pulling in so he agreed to give her a ride over. I loaned her my jacket as she was in a sleeveless blouse and it was cold.  Things had happened so fast yesterday, that she hadn’t thought of either thing.

Saw her later and he was doing well….should be out in another day. Our good deed for the day.

Our car showed up…and we did all of our running around. Jim bought another tank for extended run with the generator…now we should be able to run it all night if needed for the heater.

He also replaced our broken anchor light.

We still have one more stop….Auto Zone for LED lights to read by. Larry has some in his cockpit and they are perfect. Hope we can find one on our way to supper tonight. The couple we talked to yesterday recommended a restaurant on the ocean front. Waldo’s. Said they have good food and reasonable prices. Might try it.

This is the view looking back…you can see the mooring balls.


This is looking forward….I think we are the smallest boats in here.


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