March 25, 2012

3/21/12 Launch on St Johns River

Cool this morning. Didn’t really need a fire in the woodstove…but started one anyways. Probably wont have many more this year.

After coffee, we finished loading the boat, went to town to get the mail and a few bottles of butane for our  stove. I do most of my cooking on the alcohol stove, but the coffee maker works best with the little butane camp stove.

Once on the water, I put in 4 of the vinyl curtains. 2 in each stern corner. That leaves one screen panel in the center rear and one big screen panel on each side. That will keep the wind off the birds cage and help if we get a hard rain. We did have a few sprinkles as we were leaving the dock, but they quit almost immediately.

St Jhons day 2 055

Normally we get launched, then head to G109, Butcher’s Bend and anchor for the night…but it is such a nice day we decided to head on down the river.

I started ribs in the slow cooker last night, so supper was a quick fix.

Over cast and breezy. Didn’t expect to see many gators today….and we were right.

We continued past Blue Springs to G 69 and anchored off the river. This is a good winter anchorage….the sun hits the boat fairly early in the morning.

This is the first time this year that we have been able to leave the screens in at night. I love to hear all the night sounds.

It is so good to be back on the water.

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Ola said...

we have not been on the boat this year yet, waiting for better weather!

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