March 25, 2012

3.22.12 ( part 1) G 69 Blue Springs to R 32

Jim was up early and had coffee going when I got up. After coffee, Jim put the dingy in the water and we went for a ride. I had been watching the Blue Herons build nests in the tree tops. It still amazes me to see birds that big nesting so high.

 St Jhons day 2 022cs

I guess it’s because the branches look so flimsy.

St Jhons day 2 027cs

I saw several Herons fly in with sticks.

St Jhons day 2 032cs


Many of the nests are in the tops of the tallest trees behind the boat.

St Jhons day 2 031cs

We got as close to the nesting Herons as we could, and Jim held the dingy in place with the oars while I took pictures and this short video.

After our tour, Jim loaded the dingy and we headed towards Hontoon Island.

There were several large trawlers tied to the docks and the ferry was already bringing people to the island.

St Jhons day 2 060cs

A ways down the river, I spotted what I though was just a couple of  Wood Storks landing in a tree…..but it turned out to be several nesting birds…I guess it would be called a “rookery”.

St Jhons day 2 067cs

This is another long legged wading bird, high in the tree tops. I was surprised to see how close they nest to each other.


St Jhons day 2 072cs

Getting it just right.

St Jhons day 2 074cs

Looks like 5 or 6 nests in this small area….and the nests don’t look very large.

St Jhons day 2 081cs

Jim circled around so I could take this video…taken aboard a moving boat..lots of wind and boats cruising past. Funny, we were the only ones who stopped to take a good look at them.

At R 32 we pulled off the river and anchored. On our way in I spotted a pair of Swallowtailed Kites soaring and diving in the water, but I’ll post that tomorrow.….”Twins”…a nice big trawler was also anchored there….a bit later a sailboat came in. We watched the gators cruise us for awhile, then took a nap….late afternoon it started to get hot….and we decided to go cruising again.

We’ll anchor at G 3 Lungun Island.


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Hira Reid said...

I find heron rookeries fascinating.They are so noisy.
Good to see ya'll back on the water.