March 27, 2012

3.22.12 Red 32 to Lungun Island, FL G 3

We saw so many birds on our second day out, I decided to do it in 2 posts.
As we were pulling into the anchorage at R 32 on the St Johns River, we spotted a pair of Swallow-Tailed Kites. The Kite is a big bird, with a wingspan of over 4 ft. A beautiful contrast of black and white, with a forked tail….hence the name…Swallow-Tailed. When they soar they use it like a rudder to control their flight. Beautiful to watch. We see them over-head at home.
I didn't get any stills, so I took this out of the video.


They drink by skimming the water and filling their beaks. That is what it must have been doing as we cruised in….then went to soaring with it’s mate.

I’ve been 2 days trying to post this with the video…It just doesn’t install. So…if it’s not there…go to and put  CmyBirds2 in the search …all the video posted on my blogs are there.

They feed on small mammals, snakes and lizards.
I’ve never seen a nest, though they must nest in the woodlands near us.
One year we had 9 roosting in a tree in our drive. They must have been gathering for migration to South America. They were gone the next day and we didn’t see them again until the next year.
Here is a link where you can report sightings.

This gator cruised by us…sat for a picture then continued around his territory.

St Jhons day 2 107cs

Another good bird sighting. The Limpkin. These birds are hard to spot because they blend into the woodlands so well.

St Jhons day 2 090cs

On one of our side creek cruises we almost missed this gator. All we saw was the tail and didn’t see the rest until I downloaded the photo. Keep following it to the L and you’ll see it’s eye.

St Jhons day 2 099cs


Our anchorage for the night will be Lungun Island at marker G 3


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