December 31, 2012

Anchor roller and Keel Guard

Jim put Keel Guard on the center hull. That one seemed to have had the most grounding. We prefer to anchor, but if a big blow is coming…we can drop a stern anchor on our way in and tie off to shore.


Raisin will be doing most of her “business” on a small carpet on the rear deck, but being able to nose up to shore will give her a chance to stretch her legs. Although……..walking the shoreline with a dog….you have to have an eye on the water at all times. Gators can move very fast and little dogs are a tasty morsel to a hungry gator.

Last time out we realized it was going to be a chore to haul an anchor aboard without banging up the bow… Jim fixed that problem.

He fabricated a bow roller out of 2 x 6’s …some steel he had laying around and a roller my sister, Joanne, had given us.

He had to remove the running light and cut a section out of the bow rail. It was the only way you could release and haul in the anchor.


I liked the running light so he made a plate for it and it drops into the “eyes” on the end of the rail. It has to be plugged in to use. We very seldom run at night so it isn’t a problem.


We picked up the anchor when Jim was looking for a 2000 watt generator and a pressure washer. The gentleman has all kinds of stuff at his home. We spent a couple of hours looking around. Jim didn’t get his larger generator or pressure washer …but I was thrilled to see this anchor sitting there and I wasn’t going to pass it up.


The ladder that went to the roof has become a swim ladder. Now we can get back aboard at the springs. It’s removable and will hook on the upper deck and be tied to the support for travel on the water.


We aren’t fancy….but most everything will do what it is supposed to do.

Our plans have changed…….….guess we’ll do our break in run on the St Johns River and the last 2 days of rain have set us back so we wont be on the water for New Year’s Eve….but should cruising by mid week.

Hope to make the next post from the river.

Happy New Year everyone…..hope it is the best one yet.

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