January 6, 2013

We’re on the water

The loading was finished and chores taken care of by noon on Thursday. We loaded the bird and dog and headed to Lake Monroe.

Launch went well. Got the dingy inflated and a towing bridle set up……and……as Jim likes to put it…..”we had lots of “Idle Time”, so we started out in “Slow Motion” for Butcher’s Bend at G109 where we would “Lingerawhile” and then “Meander” down river in the morning.”  (He had fun using all the names of our boats in one sentence.)  So we did.

Light rain off and on all night and part of Friday. Our anchorage for Friday night would be G3, Lungun Island. (Shell Island to the locals).


The bimini worked well keeping most of the rain out of the open bow.


In the morning we were greeted with a pretty sunrise…..


After coffee, we took Raisin ashore. By then the sun had topped the trees, and made a pretty show of the Spanish Moss and palm fronds. Soooo Florida.


Once everything was stowed away we headed for Lake George and Silver Glen Springs.

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