January 24, 2013

Lake Harris….1.24.13

We seem to be able to find the best fishing spots. We’ve had company at most of our anchorages. This pontoon boat was here all afternoon, then put out a big light for night fishing.


We sat on the rear deck, had our wine and watched the boats coming and going.

This morning the sun was over the trees around 0730 and started warming the boat.

Coffee on the rear deck …. a couple of Purple Gallineaus swam by.


We decided to cruise for a few hours then drop anchor and have breakfast. Our trip for the day is around the edge of Lake Harris.  Beautiful day, warm, sunny and only a slight breeze.

We are anchored in the Dead River, it runs between Lake Harris and Lake Eustis. We picked a nice shallow spot…and it turned out to be a popular short cut so we had company all afternoon……fishing boats, pontoons,kayaks and even a pair of paddle boarders…


We spotted several Herons nesting in the Cyprus.



Another Limpkin…


A pair of Wood Ducks….the colors on the male are beautiful….


The anchor locker box, Jim built, works great. Even makes for a good seat to watch wildlife. We brought the dingy with us but havn’t needed it so it’s stored on the bench seat next to the locker.

We have no cleat in the center and have to tie off on either side cleat, so Jim added some nice smooth corners to keep the anchor rode from chaffing….unfortunately…he forgot to allow for the bow running lights so will have to modify them when we get home.

100_8328cs  100_8329cs

Suns going down…we’re going to sit on the rear deck and watch everyone heading home. Great day.

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