January 23, 2013

1.23.13 Hanes Creek, Burrell Lock & Dam, Lake Harris

Down in the mid 40’s last night.

At 6 am we started the generator, heater and chargers, and went back to bed until 7:30. By then, the sun was shinning brightly on the rear deck. We have 3 items we can run on our 1000 watt generator: toaster, coffee maker and heater, but only one at a time, so I unplugged the heater and started the coffee. We sat in the sunshine and enjoyed it.

There was a light mist rising from the water. This is looking back into Gator Hole.


We had our breakfast of a toaster waffle, eggs and sausage and then hauled in the anchor and headed across Lake Eustis to Hanes Creek.

It’s a long slow ride to the Burrell Lock and Dam. This is my favorite spot. I love these old Cyprus trees and their “knees”.


Just before the lock I spotted this White Heron and “Elusive” Limpkin.


Now …. who would think Florida would need a lock…but there are several through out the state.

The last time thru here we only dropped 2’…today it was 5’. Once in Lake Griffin we only had a depth of 3’ for quite a ways so we decided to head back to Lake Eustis, get some gas and cross into Lake Harris and anchor for the night.


There were several fishing boats on the creek.


This Osprey didn’t show us his best side…but he did show off the fish he’d just caught. Bet it’s not “catch and release”.


This Anhinga is a common sight on the waterways. Sometimes called the “Snake” bird because its long neck and head are all you see when it is in the water.


Here’s a cute little “Shanty” boat for sale.


We are anchored by Long Island in Lake Harris, FL. Turns out to be an interesting spot. While I was working on this blog and fixing supper, several Sea Planes took off and landed.

This one had just landed.


Didn’t see this one till it was already in the air.


I guess we are anchored along side the runway.

Suppers on the stove, batteries are charging….then it will be wine on the rear deck. What a great way to end the day. Hope we have a few more landings.


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