January 23, 2013

Meander is on the water again 1.22.13


We launched at a little boat ramp on Lake Eustis, FL. Only about 2-3’ of water. One man’s depth gauge read 19” at one point.

We decided to give it a try. Our hope is to launch at Lake Jessup, just down the road from our place, and it is a very shallow lake and ramp. This ramp had room for 4 or 5 boats to launch so if we had run into a problem and tied up the ramp, it wouldn’t have interfered with anyone else’s plans for the day. Great day and place to practice shallow launching.


Once the boat was in the water, Jim took the truck and trailer over to his brother’s house. I got some pictures of the local wildlife.

I think this is a Great White Heron or sometimes called Great Egret.


Little Blue Heron


Purple Gallineau



He and Carl stopped for subs and water. We had lunch and then went for a cruise on Lake Eustis.

After returning Carl to the dock we headed back to the anchorage we’d decided on…..”Gator Hole”. No gators, but a pretty sunset. We sat on the rear deck and enjoyed a glass of wine, a quick chat with our boating buddy, Larry and then off to bed.


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