May 27, 2013



We haven't been up the Norris Dead River in several years. It leaves the St John’s River, takes a long winding path to Lake Woodruff. From there it goes past Tick Island ( where we were beached when a tornado came thru the Deland FL area and almost over our heads) the last time we were there. Larry and Diane had their Nimble Nomad “River Nomad” and we had our Adventure Craft “Lingerawhile”.


I guess I’d have to call this “Broken Dreams”.


I like this kind of travel….narrow waterways….and few boats.


You have to watch for low overhangs, stumps in the water and depth. This heron kept flying off, landing and then flying off again as we caught up.


and sections that are weed choked.


We started seeing a lot of fishing boats when we got close to Lake Woodruff so decided to turn around and take the scenic tour back.


Once back to the St Johns, we crossed it …followed the jug handle around to the N entrance and anchored for the night. Sometimes you just get lucky…and we did. Jim was tying the dingy alongside so we could take a ride later and two Manatees came over ….this is the small one and believe me…it was big. Look at the prop scars on it’s head and back and the mother was marked as bad if not worse. It was great to see them but sure hated the thought of them being out in the river this weekend.102_0302cs

Their hide is kind of prickly. This one, I believe the Mother, kept coming up alongside like it wanted it’s back scratched.102_0316cs

They hung around ..rubbing against the dingy and the boat …for at least half an hour. 102_0317cs

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the day. We took the dingy out for awhile but did not see them again.

At anchor and full of fuel. She sits a bit low in the water, but when you get the human “ballast” loaded in the front…it rides fairly level. That $35 bimini has sure come in handy.


Frogs same me to sleep…very loudly…don’t think Jim appreciates them as much as I do.

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