May 27, 2013

St Johns River, FL 5.24.13

We don’t normally head for the river on a big holiday weekend, but this is our last chance to spend time on the boat for awhile.

By the time we’d filled the fresh water tank and had everything aboard, the launch ramp was available.

Once the truck is parked and I’ve tied Meander alongside the dock we are ready to get the dingy inflated and the trolling motor mounted, the dog walked and the bird aboard…we are ready to head N.

Now this is a nice cruising houseboat. Seaworthy, low windage and lots of room, but most likely…..really big fuel tanks to fill. So guess we’ll be happy with our little Meander.


Our anchorage for the night is just past Blue Springs. We are at the mouth of the “jug handle” so we can get a good breeze and watch all the boats going by…this is a slow speed zone because of Manatees so we’ll have a nice peaceful night.


Sitting on the rear deck watching the moon come up….and Jim noticed this rocket trail. We don’t know what was being launched but it was interesting.


And then this little white wing like cloud appeared. It must have been high enough that the sun still lit it up, while the sunset colored the rocket tail.


Good day on the water….but then most of them are good.

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