November 17, 2013

Lake Dexter, Tick Island Creek, Lake Woodruff and Norris Dead River 11.13.13

Unfortunately my camera gave up the ghost just before one of the exciting parts of the trip.

I’ve marked our passage on the chart.


It was a little breezy crossing Lake Dexter but not a bad ride so we continued on to Lake Woodruff. That is where the video would have been great. Instead of having a bit of a tail wind it was almost broadside. It’s the first time I’ve used this marking tool and I had trouble keeping a straight line….but our actual trip across Lake Woodruff was probably much more of a zig zag. The “ducks” handled it very well…as ducks should. We had to do some tacking in Meander to keep from rockin’ n’ rollin’   as did Avi-Toon.  But we made it across.

Once on the Norris Dead River we were once again protected from the wind and we all stopped to clean weeds off the props.


Since the wind was blowing into the mouth of the river there were a lot of weeds. Most of it was water lettuce. It is a very invasive floating plant. In many places it completely blocked the river…but Jim had a great time pushing through. I kept watch for logs in the water but did not see any in our path.

Back on the St Johns River we headed to a jug handle just N of Blue Springs. We were at anchor around 3pm.  No one minded a short day. Some took naps…Jim and I were in bed after 6pm and slept most of the night. We always have to get up a few times to walk the dog on the rear deck and heat the water for the birds “radiator”. (I fill a thermos but leave the stopper loose so it heats the cap. Under her covers it acts like a radiator…but is only good for about 5 hrs.)

Another fun and exciting day on the water.

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