November 17, 2013

Lake Monroe and South. 11.15.13

We stopped at the launch ramp. The Ugly Duckling was already on the trailer but we could see they were just tidying things up for the trip so stopped to say goodbye.

Lake Monroe was flat so we crossed and headed S. The river is much different here. Some homes but much wilder. Even saw a herd of cattle.

It started to rain so we made a U turn and headed back to Lake Monroe Park.

The lake was just starting to kick up as we finished the last part before the bridge.

Decided to anchor in the cove and hang around while Big Duck and Avi-Toon pulled out in the morning. It continued to rain a little in the evening. Too bad we didn’t have our fresh water catcher figured out yet.

Nice quiet night on the deck with a glass of wine. I did spot a good sized gator cruising between the boats. Good to know we have a guard gator.


Jim was up before daylight fixing coffee. I thought it was a little early so looked out the window. We were in the middle of a fishing tournament start. There were about 20 bass boats all waiting for enough light to be released.  It was a very controlled start. Someone was calling out boat numbers and they took off slowly.

We saw one in Palatka a few years ago and it was a mad dash to get going. Couldn’t believe the wakes they were kicking up and jumping.

We helped Big Duck and Avi-Toon get loaded then decided to load Meander and head home.

Jim has a couple of projects calling to him. And we were almost out of water.

It was a great trip. 4 boats…8 people and 3 dogs and 1 bird. It was fun to see other older boats and what each couple has done to them.

Maybe next year we can have a more central location and get several more boats. I know there should be at least one more.  Larry and Diane are working on their Yukon Delta. Hopefully it will be ready by then.


Kathy N Jim Pell said...

What happened to Lingerawhile?

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Kathy & Jim...Lingerawhile sank in NC in March of 2008.