April 19, 2014

Larry & Diane….1975 Yukon Delta

Yesterday afternoon we got a call from our boating buddies..Larry & Diane…to let us know they were boating with us on their 1975 Yukon Delta…only difference…they were on Grand Lake in OK and we are on the St Johns River in FL.

But ..at least we are on the water together.

Here’s a couple of pictures he sent to prove it to us.

Larry made this wheel. It’s a beauty and has been on 8 or 9 different boats that he has had.


Here is Diane at the wheel.



Just want you two to know…it’s not half as much fun without you.

I don’t know how many times a day we say “Larry and Di” would love this…..especially when it’s a new spot.

Hope we can both get together with a few other classic trailerable houseboats somewhere this summer or fall.

Get that dingy fixed so I can have some pictures of the boat on the water. We are anxious to see the difference 5 years makes in the building of the Yukon Delta.

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