April 19, 2014

Side trips…Wekiva River 4.19.14


A little storm blew through yesterday afternoon and we dragged anchor. Had to move to a more protected spot. We were definitely protected. Here was our guard.


Checked just before dark…and he was still watching us.


After breakfast and coffee on the rear deck, we headed down the side creek we were anchored near. It’s a nice trip and brings you right back to the St Johns River.


This Hawk kept his eye on us as we went by.


There are lots of boats along the river but this is one of a kind. I think they’ve added something to it each time we come past.

Hey DI!! What do you think of this one?


The river is low but we thought we’d see how far down the Wekiva River we could get.  Here are some scenes along the way.





This is the only gator we saw out of the water. Day started our warm and sunny then clouded over.

It isn’t very long but doesn’t look like it missed too many meals.


An Anhinga drying it’s wings is always a beautiful sight. They are like the Cormorants…they swim under water with just head and neck out. Sometimes called “snake birds” for that reason.


We started getting into 2’ of water and decided to turn around…a trip for another time…when the river is up. There are several spots like that.

We’ve anchored at Butchers Bend near marker G109. Guess we’ll pull out in the morning.

Not as much wildlife as we like to see…especially gators but it was still a good trip.

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