February 6, 2015

Scamp’s new AC shroud 2.6.15

Last summer we had to go back to NY to take care of my Dad’s estate after he passed away.

We stopped in VA and picked up my sister, Joanne. She rode in the back seat of the truck and had a good view of the camper. She mentioned that the AC shroud was bobbing up and down and asked if that was normal. I looked…sure enough…if she had not seen it when she did it would have been lying along side the road like so many others we have seen. As over the road truck drivers….we saw a lot of road and you’d be surprised how many AC shrouds sitting in the median or on the shoulder. You don’t hear any noise because they are so far behind you…and then they are gone. Thanks again Joanne!


Jim did a good job of tying it down. The black bungee cord kept everything tight.


We finished our trip and have put several more miles on it and it held. This is the worst crack.005cs

and another….gradually spreading.


Finally decided it was time for a new one so I did some internet research. I found the replacement at www.Hannarv.com. They had the best price and free shipping….and believe me when I say I searched.

Jim put a rubber backed piece of carpet on the camper to keep from sliding off.


It took a few minutes to get all the ties off.



Good thing we always have extra rope , bungees and all manor of tools with us.


Today he has his “AC Repairman” hat on. Yesterday if was “fridge installer” and “cabinet maker”.

He has sooooo many hats.


A good clean up with the air compressor to remove any debris that may have collected.


Old and new….we think the foam strips keep the cover from rattling. No instructions with it but it had sticky tape on one side. The ones on the old one had come loose and may have been the reason the cover was cracking. Nothing under it to cushion it. We could see where one had gotten into the fan and was chewed up a bit.


It was a perfect match for the one we replaced. The cover is not very heavy and was not a problem for me to hand it up to him.

Jim is tightening the lock nuts on the top.


Checking it over before calling the job finished.


We now have an AC cover without a bunch of ropes around it.


The fridge seems to be working well….I think we are really going to enjoy it.

We have a Tin Can Tourist meet later this month.

There is a new spare tire cover on the way and I ordered material to make a new generator cover. You’ll see those in the next post.

Can’t wait to go camping!!!

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