February 8, 2015

Tire Cover and Generator Cover 2.8.15

Our spare tire cover was falling apart so I started looking online for a new one. They had some for around $20…  not bad but then I kept looking and found this one….I fell in love with the “attitude” on this Eagle’s face and was willing to fork over another $40.( says a lot since I hate to spend a penny more than necessary).  I found it on www.Tirecovercentral.com . Boy do they ever have a big selection. You can definitely find one to fit your style.


Our generator cover was actually a life jacket bag. We needed something and were not using it, stuff gets double duty around here… That was falling apart also.

You have to remember this camper must have at least 10,000 miles on it since we got it. 4700 miles to MI, NY,VT and back last summer, and then had to make the NY trip again a few weeks later. There was already 2000 on it just getting the Scamp and the Hudson set up for towing  and testing here in FL.

I ordered some Sunbrella to match the awning that I made and put together a generator cover. It looks a whole lot better than that life jacket bag.


So….if you see this combo going down the road in front of you….be sure to give us a toot as you fly by.


I think that is about it for changes on the Scamp….unless Jim figures we need 2 house batteries…then he’ll weld a bracket on the front to fit one more.

Cant wait to do the TCT meet in a few weeks.

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