March 14, 2016

St Johns 2 & 3

There was a time when we could beach here and walk to the shell mounds or hike around the island. No longer.  They want you to enter from the St Johns River side ...this is the Hontoon River side. There is no fee I think they just want to know how many people are out there....they do have bears ...I saw one several years ago while walking our dog.
 Once on the St Johns I spotted this boat...looks like a comfy liveaboard and very sea worthy...I could live there! room for the '49 Hudson .
 Ospreys nest on the river signs....the mate flew over us to distract us from the nest.
 These are Storks....they nest in these trees each year.
 This is the first time I've seen them strutting their stuff...trying to entice a mate ..I guess.
 This is the entrance to the Lake Woodruff wildlife area...we were going to try to get to Lake Woodruff but the river is very narrow and weeds can block it.

 Spotted this gator...look at the size of it's head and the depty of it's tail...
 same gator...another view.
 This one was pretty well hiden...would not have seen it had I not been standing in the bow.
 same gator...look at the size of the teeth...
 Couple of turtles sunning.
 We were in a narrow part of the river when we spotted this one.... Jim made a "U" turn so I could get a photo.
 Now he has to get rid of the weeds we picked up.

 another gator that was in the weeds....glad we started looking in them...
 After turning around  because of weeds we headed to Butcher's Bend. This is the back of a Manatee. Never did get a good picture of it.
 Another great night on the on the rear open at bedtime ...light blanket.
A little color greeted us in the morning.
 This cruising gator slid by ..checking us out. First time we've seen it in a trip or two thru here.
 We took down the screens and headed for the boat ramp to haul out.  This Osprey was one of two sitting there....the mate flew off before I could get a picture.
Had a great time on the water...did not expect to see many gators because it was windy and overcast most of the time...but did find a few....well worth the trip.
See you again on the river.

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