August 5, 2016

Jim's latest project 8.5.16

 The emergency crew helped him get out of the road...Took these with my phone when I came to tow him home....only a few miles from the house so they let us do it that way.
 We towed our little Scamp camper over 11,000 miles with the Hudson....but never went over 65...guess the drive shaft wasn't balanced for 70.
 Jim remembers a vibration but thought he had a tire going spun around and hit the guard rail.
 He wasn't hurt but someone who saw it couldn't believe he wasn't...guess they made us well as the car...
 Sure did a job on the front end and can see our Scamp in the background.
The insurance adjuster said he had to look up Hudson on his phone to see who made it....young guy...
He couldn't believe Jim wasn't hurt either...we told him we were not the kind of people who put on back braces and neck braces to try to rip off an insurance company.
Now it's time to hunt for parts.

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Out To Pasture said...

So glad that Jim wasn't hurt. Must have been a scary event though. Poor old Hudson, but I'm sure you guys will mend it with care.