March 10, 2016

TCT (part 2)

Not sure how big this camper is..but looks smaller than our 13' Scamp.
 nice one for sale.

 visited with the owner for awhile...there are at least 5 solar panels on it...they can camp where they want.
 you should see the inside of this horse trailer...the front has bed, bath, shower...all built by the owner's son. She goes to a lot of horse shows so he built this for her.

 don't you must love seeing these vintage trailer hauled by antiques?
This man built this little trailer....good sleeping room and storage in the rear. He built it so it could be lifted off the trailer and the trailer used for other things....He can back it under this canopy if it is raining and has all they need for cooking etc. I love do it yourself projects.

 look at this tow vehicle.
 and this one.

 here we are again...
By having Pizza Night on Fri night it made it a lot easier for everyone getting set up....then we had all day to cook on Sat for pot luck.
We had a great played Sat night....Larry and Ange celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary...they were married here last year. May they celebrate many many more.


Out To Pasture said...

What a collection of camping beauties. By the way Carol, did you ever master the song, “5 Pounds of Possum” on your dulcimer?

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Not yet...I found the music and printed it out but it's been so long since I reads like greek.

P & C said...

Thanks so much for sharing the treasures
P & C