March 10, 2016

Tin Can Tourists at Sertoma Youth Ranch...Brooksville FL (part 1)

We always enjoy going to the Sertoma Youth Ranch....Lots of trees and plenty of camping spots....a large pavillion where we have pizza on Fri night and pot luck on Sat night.

The place was packed....lots of new members too. You do not need a big camper or even a vintage camper to be a member.
Here are some of the campers.
 A couple of van campers...both different. I like the popup.
 a very unique teardrop...the top raises up so you can stand up...even has screened windows that can open.
 This was pretty neat....the whole back lifts up and has legs to make a small roofed awning needed.
 we just have a 13' Scamp...

 We did not have the only antique tow vehicle...there were several.

 16' Boler...

 This was a very neat little the full front window.

 13' Boler....

 another antique tow vehicle.
 this is a travel trailer...they did not make very many and the owner of this one had to replace the roof but kept everything inside.
 and another...
I had so many pictures I have to do it in two parts.

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Out To Pasture said...

Such clean and shiny transports. I would be happy to tour in any one of these pretties!