August 5, 2016

Wrecked parts removed.

 He cropped the fenders. They had been customized by the door and no seperations were instead of messing that up he did it this way.

 Here are the parts he removed.
Jim did a lot of checking around....called lots of Hudson people and found one who had a front end. He was from Nebraska and was  going to the Hudson meet in Chattenooga TN....would bring it and Jim could meet him there.

 Jim unloaded most of the small stuff....but to get the hood out I had to crawl under it and get to the backside to lift it.

 It was all in one piece and they had to take it apart so it would fit in our truck. Here it is laid out on a tarp under the truck port.
Lots of surface rust so he took it to a friend who had a sand blaster....then put Osflow on it to stop any more rust.

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Out To Pasture said...

What a skilled car surgeon! I knew your Hudson was in good hands!