January 15, 2009

1.15.09 still in Palatka, FL

With our little heater running all night…it was only 44 deg inside the cockpit this morning. 38 outside. But the damp and chill was gone so we were very comfortable in the sleeper berth. I have an old thermos that doesnt keep the heat inside and that full of hot water when under the covers for the bird cage..keep Babe warm. Kinda like having her very own radiator. I usually have to reheat it once during the night…..since it is supposed to be even colder tonight we’ve decided to spend another night here.

We had a nice sunset.1.14.09 Palatka, FL city dock 002 and even though the sunrise wasnt as spectacular as some we’ve had..it was more than welcome..especially the warmth it brought with it.1.14.09 Palatka, FL city dock 004 We took a short hike into town for breakfast and to pick up milk, bread & ice. Can you imagine…needing ice??!!  Larry and Diane were out….and it didnt melt on the walk back.

This gentleman lives aboard a small sailboat with his 2 large dogs and a cat. He was on his way to shore with all 3 this when I took this. The cat followed him around like the dogs.1.14.09 Palatka, FL city dock 005

Jim and I carried 16 gallon of water for the boat. Should be good for a few more days. The sky is clouding over…looks like the end of the solar heat…getting chilly in here already and it’s not even 1pm yet. Bracing for another COLD night. There was frost on the dock when we got up.

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