November 25, 2009

Silver Glen Springs

We arrived here yesterday morning. A short run from Salt River Springs, so our batteries did not have a full charge after sitting for 2 days.

This Anhinga and turtle were sunning themselves when we got here.

009cs  2 beautiful Bald Eagles were having a discussion at the top of a tree. They sat there together for quite some time and seemed friendly….so maybe there were discussing where to build a nest.


They are both there again today.

We do have a nice neighbor… this Nordic Tug looks so much larger than our Albin, yet it is only 26’.


I know all you northerners will feel sorry for us….it’s probably in the low sixties..a cool and drizzly day.

We started the 1000 watt Honda generator to charge the batteries and run a small heater to get the damp chill out. We wanted to have a nice warm place to come back to after our swim. Jim wanted to check the weed cutter he made. The trip in and out of Salt Creek is full of grass. Evidently it worked….it was clean and free of weeds.(  last time I had to go overboard in the lake to clean the shaft and prop.) It is made out of steel, but once he is sure it works and is happy with it…he’ll fashion one out of stainless.

As soon as the rain lets up we will take the dingy for a ride.

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