November 8, 2009

Putting the boat on the trailer (part 2)

Once Jim had the trailer bunks in place, we made arrangements to have the boat lifted from our (now Larry’s ) trailer 007

onto the new setup. Pull one trailer out…


back the next one in. Steve, at Sanford Boat Works Marina, Sanford, FL is very good to work with. He set the trailer in place ..but kept it suspended until Jim had all the bunks adjusted…then set it down and removed the straps. He helped us with the original trailer also.

015 Jim had the keel support blocked in place, and the side supports were adjusted for the trip home. Once it is in the yard he’ll be able to  finalize the adjustments on the keel support and build the necessary parts. It is OK for the short trip home..but not for launching and retrieving yet. Once our trailer was empty we took it to the launch ramp where Larry and Diane loaded their boat. Here they are in the yard.


The bow roller was on for transport..Jim removed it before I got the camera.

Larry has towed boats all over the country and done his fair share of backing up…but it isn’t often you back a  boat this big… a quarter mile down a single lane dirt road, with 4 curves, the last one a “blind side”, with the boat brushing some of the trees. also have to put it between two posts that mark a 2’ drop off, either side of the road,  where the culvert runs under it. And this was the first time he’d backed the boat in here.… So…I guess he can put it any place he wants to.

We are short of turn around space right now. I keep planting trees. I’ll try to remember to get some photos of Jim backing in.

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Kate said...

Hi Carol: I would say Jim is having way too much fun. Since we saw you last winter seems like you have rebuilt your engine, built the hard-top, re-adapted a trailer, etc. etc. etc. All the while Bruce has just changed the oil in Happy Jack. We're starting to 'seriously' think about escaping our winter and heading to Florida - maybe Weleka this time. What do you think? Kate