November 24, 2009

Salt River Springs

Yesterday was a cool drizzly day so I didn’t get any photos.

We slowly made our way into Salt River Springs. Our depth gauge showed 2’ at one time. Sure hope that meant below the keel. We didn’t put the gauge in and  are not positive how it’s been set, so this morning we dropped a weighted line overboard while I went down to see when it touched bottom. 070

That  distance to the waterline read about 2’ more than the gauge. That’s about the best we can test it. If, in fact, we do have 2’ below the keel we may be able to get in here more often.

Jim spent most of the morning scrubbing on the boat. Getting rid of that “river smile”, and then did some snorkeling.065

Thanks for the bailer, Larry!!  Works great!!


Larry has a nice motor mount on his swim platform…that the dingy motor can be mounted to for emergencies. Jim made one for ours and we tested it this morning.

Does it look like we are a bit underpowered?  Some one has to stay back there to steer..guess it doesn’t put enough water past the rudder to steer….but it does move the boat along. Hope we never have to use it that way.069

So far there have been no manatees in today.

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