December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve day 12.24.09

We had a great night ..never used the generator…just the opened engine compartment. The sun was shinning in before it got too cold in here this morning.  I heated the water bottle (bird cage warmer) at 1am and it held most of the night.

We anchored near shore so we would get the sun as early as possible. It looks like we are really in the bushes ..but we’re not.


I am trying to train Raisin to use a carpet on the front deck for her daily business.  Many times we have to anchor where there is no place to go ashore.  The carpet is from the front porch at home…and  she has used it when it was raining, so it’s already scented. I thought I was in for a long sit and was getting prepared to out wait her…..she used it before i could get my coffee and cushion in place. This will be our daily routine. …and a trip ashore later.

Jim was over-board for a swim about 9 am. …air cool..water invigorating….at least that was the term I used until I got in…COLD..was more like it…but once in it was nice…so a good scrub and shampoo was in order. Now we are both squeaky clean.

We watched to see how the sun came over the trees and decided we’d only have to wait 15 min more if we moved to the center of the run. No phone signal or internet this close to the trees… so Jim used the dingy to push us into place.


I spent an hour or so cruising in the dingy while Jim was on the computer.

These buzzards didn’t mind my picture taking…


but I had to follow this heron down the run before he allowed one.


The sun is down…and it’s cooling off. I need to start closing up. Merry Christmas every one. May this one be the best every.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Carol and Jim and a happy and healthy New Year. What a lovely place to spend Christmas. If you want to feel cold, you should jump in the water up here in Ottawa. You would first have to break-away about 6 inches of ice -maybe more. But the snow is great at Christmas time. Kate and Bruce