December 24, 2009

Hontoon Island, Fl 12.22.09

We arrived at Hontoon Island before dark. There wern’t any boats in the slips so we decided to try backing in. It might not sound like much to those with to engines or bow thrusters but a single engine is lots of fun and learning.  Jim did a great job..didn’t dump me in the water or bang the dock..he’s really getting the hand of this thing.

We had a nice warm night. So glad Debbie reminded me it was going to be cold again.

I was up early and walking Raisin so I took a picture of our boat…I told Jim I was labeling these photos  “our boat”  and013cs

and “our next boat”    a Marine Trader 36S.  Only 9 ft longer than ours..but what a beauty.


The only way onto Hontoon Island is by boat.  Here is the electric ferry that brings all the visitors over. A large battery bank and solar panels keep it running.


After visiting with the owner of Bold Eagle, we headed to Silver Glen Springs.

We saw a few nice gators on the way…this one wouldn’t even look at us.


but this one looks like he’s grinning…


It is so peaceful in the springs…only one other occupied boat here. All the big houseboats that were here all summer have gone. I wonder if anyone will be in tomorrow.

We have the generator all set up for extended running if it gets cold tonight. I don’t think it’s supposed to be too bad.

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