December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas….from Slow Motion..on the river

We launched at lake Monroe Park on Tuesday morning. Everything went well..the adjustments Jim made to the trailer worked the way they were supposed to.

Jim took the truck and trailer to the house and our friend and neighbor, George, gave him a ride back to the boat. By the time they arrived..I had all the vinyl sides in place and the dingy aired up. Jim had already loaded the bike, gas cans and “grocery dolly” while i was was filling the water tank and jugs.


We only one bike so one will ride and one walk. The bike can tow the dolly. Last time in “No Name Harbor” in Key Biscayne, FL..we had at least a 3 mile hike to get groceries…to the store isn’t bad..but lugging 4 bags each got pretty tiring. we’ll give this a try.


We got underway about 1:30 pm…not much wildlife on the river today. We spotted one Manatee…You can just see it’s nose as it came up for air…


and then it’s back as it submerged again.


We spotted the flat wide ripples before we saw it. We just shut down and drifted until it broke the surface. Once we were sure it was completely away from us we continued on.

Did see one nice gator..


We’ll be stopping at Hontoon Island for the night. Going to be cold and we can plug in and run a heater.

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