January 5, 2010

Doctors Lake to Palatka City Dock 1.5.10

Another early day….the wind is bitter cold…the coldest yet…but we were snug in the sleeper last night…a bit nippy on the trip through the cockpit to the head or galley (heat the birds water bottle) but cozy under the covers.

The current was against us but not too bad…the wind at our backs. It was good running even though the river was rough all day.

We looked up….and guess who is coming….


He gave us a shout….the boat’s name is Sparks. …and is headed for Palatka…that’s twice he’s passed us….great looking boat. He’s going to be at the anchorage before us…..must be nice to have a fast boat. Perhaps we’ll get to visit with him before we leave in the morning.

Supposed to be 30 tonight….


Mike said...

Hi, sorry for the intrusion. I have no pictures of my boat underway on this trip so I made this effort. Your pictures are great and thanks for the kind words. I haven't uploaded pictures to my blog of your boat yet but will. I want your Albin!


Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Mike...be sure to leave your blog address here...or check my "profile" for my email addy. Would love to hear from you.

Mike said...

I am so glad my comment went through. My blog is www.rainawnings.com. Your blog inspires me to do a better job with mine. The photo of your boat is clickable but this camera is basic. I may have to put my boat on the hard for a few months but I hope to see you out there again. BTW, I was a farrier for 9 years.