January 5, 2010

Pine Island to Doctors Lake 1.4.10

We got up early and headed up the ICW towards Jacksonville. We had a bit of current against us most of the way…but once into the St Johns River we started getting a push and it lasted well past Jacksonville. The current can be a bit of a problem in that area with all the bridges and the ocean entrance etc. Our timing was right for once.

As we were headed into Jacksonville…the sailboat from the anchorage passed us. Wonder where he’s headed?

The Pelicans must think we are a fishing boat. They keep following us. This one cruised up to the front of the boat and looked in at me as if to see if I had any fish.


We’ve seen several flocks of white Pelicans but they usually sat in a bunch like these.


We got into Doctors Lake around 4 pm so went to Whiteys Fish Camp for supper…then back to the anchorage in Mill Cove. All totaled we did 65 miles today.

A bit of wind on the lake tonight…like being in a cradle…should be good sleeping.

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Anonymous said...

Spent some time at Whiteys Fish Camp. Used to be our hang out when I was in Orange Park teaching at the Navy base. Navel Air Station Jacksonville has a nice marina, but I liked Doctors lake & also docking down town water front walk in Jax.
Fair winds
Rich Chase
Meridian MS.