January 5, 2010

U turn…heading N 1.3.10

We managed to stay warm last night. Generator is doing it’s job. We have a sailboat on either side of us. The Nonsuch has a starter problem and moved to a dock with electric. The other boat cant get his generator started this morning.

We had  perfect morning to leave the dock..no current or wind. Jim did a great job backing out….then he opened the window and told me he needed me to go to the rear and fend us off another boat…he had no “forward”. The owner came out an helped me tie up to the dock so Jim could check out the problem……shift cable casing came apart…..he made a repair…everything working again..but we are heading back to the house. I’ll feel better with a new cable…and with all this unseasonable cold…we should check out the place…we don’t winterize like we did in the N.   When we left the heat pump wasn’t working up to par…they aren't very efficient in the deep cold…but turns out it is low on coolant….

when we went through St Augustine they were shooting the cannon and this ship was cruising by.


Jim was hoping they were going to shoot back…that would have been a bit of realism.

This fishing boat was coming in from the ocean.


We are heading to the anchorage behind Pine Island. We wont make it before sundown…Look at this beautiful sunset.

013cs The sailboat that shared the anchorage with us a few days ago is here also.

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Anonymous said...

St Augustine, one of our fav. places to spend the day. Great winery:>} Never turn down a free sample:>}
Meridian MS.