March 18, 2010

3.15.10 Welaka, FL to Silver Glen Springs

A fairly large cruise ship anchored just N of us and spent the night. We’ve seen it cruise through this area before…but never stop. Perhaps it was too rough on Lake George?  They are headed that way in the picture…but came back just as it was getting dark and anchored a little farther away.072cs Don’t know…and probably won’t find out why…but they left around 7 this morning.

Jim and I got an early start so we could be across Lake George before it got too bad. It was already getting lumpy but the wind was off our stern and made for a nice ride.

As we were going by Drayton Island we spotted a working boat with several Pelicans waiting to see what they can get. No matter what the weather…they are checking their traps.


Come along for a short ride with us…we’ll show you what it’s like going with the wind and waves…turning around and going against them. The lake isn’t too bad today so it’s a good time to show you.

We anchored at Silver Glen Springs…very few boats here besides us.

George came by in his kayak. It has flippers that are worked with pedals. They drop into that hole in front of him ..and lock in place.013cs


During nice weather you will find him gliding around the springs in it.

This Cormorant doesn’t look very happy to have his picture taken. We were in the dingy and drifted right up to it.


This is the view down the run from our boat,  a little before sunset…..The Eagles, Ospreys, Cormorants and Anhingas are looking for their roosts or a snack before bedding down for the night.


It’s not too cold so we will not  need the heater tonight.

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