March 18, 2010

3.16.10 Silver Glen Springs

We are going to spend the day at the springs.

I spotted one of the Otters last evening, so at least one is still here.

The Osprey are nesting near the entrance to the anchorage.


We spent a few hours cruising in the dingy looking for fishing line and bobbers that have been left behind. Here is our take for the time we were here. I guess they are so cheap it’s easier to just cut them loose rather than try to retrieve them. It’s just a problem for the birds that get tangled in them.


The Cormorants have a nice feather pattern.


And a beautiful eye color.


Can you spot the Kingfisher? It’s the only photo I have ever been able to get of one. Cant get close to them.


How about this Anhinga? Looks like eye shadow.

054cs This Osprey was watching the fish swim by but I didn’t see him try for any.


We enjoyed the day and all the wildlife. Another great day on the water.

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Dorothy said...

Wonderful pictures of many birds I never see! Thanks.