March 13, 2010

3.9.10 Lungun Island to Blues Springs & Hontoon IS.

Everyone was up fairly early and we had a good start for Blue Springs.

Jim spotted these Wild Turkeys. These 2 males showing off for the 3 females.030cs As we cruised thru a more populated area we saw these Pelicans waiting by a fish cleaning station for the “left overs”.018cs  

Once we reached Blue Springs, we anchored just off shore where all the pontoon boats beach and used the dingys to go ashore.

The Manatees were in….


There was even a good sized alligator sunning itself along with the Manatees..043cs

We hiked the boardwalk to the spring boil. It’s a beautiful walk and follows the run so you can see the Manatees.

This Mother and her calf made a leisurely trip down the run. You can see a  set of prop scars on the mother.

On our way back to the boats, we rowed down the river to the spring entrance where the Manatees travel to get into the springs. Carole and Ed had one come right up to their dingy and look them over.

074cs Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo of it.

We headed back N to Hontoon Island so we could take on some water. Our tank was getting low. Once filled we went around to the back side of Hontoon Island and followed the Hontoon Dead River ( G53). We found a nice spot to anchor and were invited over to Southern Cross for h’orderves and a glass of wine before supper.

What a nice way to end another beautiful day on the river.

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