May 13, 2010


We spotted the sailboat that was in Silver Glen springs…the dingy was gone so we weren't able to stop and say Hi.049cs

We watched these men with their trap…interesting…and looks like hard work.  These have to be hauled aboard..cleaned out and then dropped back in the water.003cs

Not many gators sunning today….most are in the water, but we did see this duck with her 3 babies sunning on an old boiler that has been submerged.062cs

Jim, aboard “Sailbad the Sinner” was anchored at G3 so we tucked in behind him and anchored.  065cs

We gathered up some firewood and roasted hotdogs for supper.  A trip around the area with the detector and we had a quarter and several pull tabs….Jim’s trying to adjust it to skip over them. Still learning. Heading to Silver Glen tomorrow.

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