May 13, 2010


Another great night for sleeping…just a light blanket. Wont be long and even a sheet will be too much so we are really enjoying this.

We went thru the “gates” at the S end of Lake George and hung a L over to the sandbar just outside of Juniper Creek and dropped the anchor.. It’s on the lower SW side of Lake George. We took the dingy across the sandbar and up Juniper Creek aways.  This is the view heading back. Look at that beautiful sky.026

The stiff breeze made for a nice rock in the boat …nap time…reminded me of being at anchor in the 21’ Catalina sailboat or the 26’ MacGregor…great sleeping.

After our short rest we headed up to the Glen. Our spot was available and we anchored for the night.

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Hira Reid said...

Glad to see you back in the water and Shatoosh and I are too. Fun knowing we are both cruising and having fun. Have a good trip.