May 13, 2010

On the water again!!!! 5.9.10

We spent a few days scrubbing and putting several coats of Poliglow on the boat. She’s nice and shiny. 005cs Sunday was such a pretty day we decided to launch.  10 am to 11 am isn’t very busy. Most of the fishing boats are already in the water and the family boaters don’t get going till after lunch so we didn’t hold anyone up. We don’t take very long at the ramp since we do all the prep work before backing in.

We only cruised to the island at Butcher’s Bend, marker G109. There is a popular spot on the river just N of there and we decided to test our new metal detector on it. So we were up early Monday and anchored nearby…we are in a learning mode…found a penny and a lot of pull tabs..Jim works the detector and I dig..LOL

We headed to Drigger Island for the night. I am hopeing to get pictures of the Sand Hill Cranes. The pair with the 2 little ones.

Beautiful weather…warm days and cool enough for a light blanket at night.  What more could anyone ask for.

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