May 14, 2010


  Tammy and Shaina called today. (my Daughter and Granddaughter). Always good to hear from them.

Another light blanket night…boy have we been lucky! 

After coffee we took the dingy, dog and detector ashore. More digging and pull we went back to the boat..had my snorkel and I went in the water…Jim went back to the beach with the detector.  018cs

After paddling around for awhile I finally got cold and snorkeled my way back to the boat. Jim showed up awhile later…another penny and a RING!!!!!!! Look at this…It fit Jim’s thumb…says 14 ct inside…                                                                                                                                                                                               034cs                                                         

So that’s our “treasure” , so far.  It’s a lot of work…but good exercise…..and when you find a nice big shiny ring….it’s lots of fun.

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