May 26, 2010


We left Black Creek and headed for Trout Creek to do some exploring.  Jim picked up a few souvenirs when the creek got too narrow and we had to turn around.  Snagged some small limbs before I could get the antenna down.


He did a good job of turning and not catching the prop or rudder on underwater snags…Join us on a short tour of Trout Creek.

Once we’d gone as far as we could on Trout Creek we headed up 6 Mile Creek to the dock at Outback Crab Shack. If you dine there you can spend the night. They have a very looooooooooooooong dock. We were tied up in the middle.006cs

We had dinner and spent the night. The next morning, just before we left. This fisherman got a hook stuck in his finger, trying to unhook a catfish…I supplied paper towels an band aids.  This Blue Heron was waiting for him to toss it a fish…..009cs

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