May 27, 2010


The Sterling Lady III got off to an early start. This is the sunrise that greeted us.

010csWe were not far behind. Finished topping off the water tank and headed over  to Corkey Bell’s dock and a hike to the grocery store. Hot wings from Corkey’s for lunch.

Most of the markers have Osprey nests on them. One of the pair flew away…probably to distract us….but I got some pictures as we passed slowly by.020cs

Can you see the little ones?021cs

How about in this one?022cs

She was talking to us all they way by.


Here is the mate coming in for a landing. 027cs We’ll do a slow cruise and anchor in The Seven Sister’s Islands. Just S of marker R 31 we found a nice spot that should give us a good breeze most of the night.

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Angad Achappa said...

Nice images.. Loved the last one...