May 27, 2010


Great night at anchor at the Seven Sister’s Islands. We had a short rain storm…just long enough to put up one of the vinyl side curtains and take it down again…

We decided to head straight to Silver Glen Springs. Try to get down the lake before it gets too bad….it was pretty bouncy…wind was from the wrong direction for the springs but we managed. We were watching a boat in the distance that was headed to the same place and thought they were getting a real nice smooth ride.  When we talked to them later they said the same thing about us…so I guess we were both being bumped around a bit.

Boats are starting to come in for the weekend. 002cs

Weekends are busy..but holiday weekends pack the place. There are already over 30 boats here.007cs

This dog was enjoying his trip….I think he’s watching all the fish swim under the boat. The water is so clear you can see them swimming past is big schools.004cs

We passed this Nimble Nomad on the river a couple of days ago. What a nice boat….made us think of Larry & Diane, they used to have one and we cruised the Tenn- Tom Waterway and the Black Warrior river, Grand lake, OK and the St Johns River and the ICW to Key Biscayne with them. Sure miss their company out here.013cs

We enjoyed dinking around and looking at all the boats….then went back to ours…took a quick dip to cool off, then supper and a movie.

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