May 27, 2010


Here are some of the sights and sounds of the Glen last evening. I had to cut part of the video…the music they were playing was XXXX rated….If they play that when there are families camping or touring the State Park….I can understand why the Ranger running the place wants to stop boats from coming in. It only takes a few to ruin it for everyone. This is one of the few places you can go in a boat and have a place to swim or socialize in the water….the big gators don't seem to bother with this end of the spring run….at least during the day.

I think Jim counted 44 boats on this swing through.

This morning everything was peaceful again.

I made coffee early, we took a cup with us when we took Raisin ashore. Once back aboard we stowed everything for travel and hauled the anchor. George is taking his little boat to town and visiting his daughter for the weekend. He volunteered to take Jim to the store for supplies. Great!!!  another week or two on the water.

The sun was just coming up as we neared the lake.037cs

We passed two big houseboats headed for the Glen….and numerous cruisers with their generators and dingys stowed on deck. It will be a wild weekend.

We’ll be back on Tuesday when things quiet down. Tonight’s anchorage is behind Lungun Island, marker G3. The sun is hot…just a slight breeze. We’re going ashore and cook hotdogs over a campfire.

So far, it is peaceful and quiet. Lots of boat running the river but no one camping on the island yet.

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