August 24, 2010

We’ve been RVing

It been awhile since my last post. We spent a month in the NE.  We visited Jim’s daughter, granddaughter & great grandson in NY…my Dad in NY…my kids and grandkids in VT…camped in the Brookfield NY St Park and did some horseback trail riding…took a side trip to Lexington KY to visit Jim’s cousins and then headed for NC to see my sister, niece and her family.  We had a great time….it’s always too short.

We’ve been home for a week…Jim has been getting the lawn back into shape. 

He spent yesterday working on a leak in the macerator system on Slow Motion.  I think that is the only repair that needed fixing…. Amazing, huh?

We invested in an icemaker. Larry on “Dollar More”  bought one and loves it…(and we have to keep up with them)…the freezer in our fridge is pretty small…..and we’ve been doing without ice during the day. We drink mostly water and during the summer…room temp is pretty darn warm.

Right now it’s sitting in the living room waiting to be loaded…along with the clean bedding and other stuff. I think if I make the pile big enough and Jim trips over it…he’ll be ready to go boating.

002 003

We’ll make enough ice for our drinks during the day while cruising..and stick a small bag in the freezer for our nightly red wine.

So….perhaps you will see a few posts from the water ..early next month.  We have a couple of weeks free before we have to get stuff ready for a big car show in Tampa. We will tow the camper with the ‘67 Chevy  007

Do you think the Hemi will have any trouble?

9.28.06 015


Hira Reid said...

I wondered what happened to you guys.Missed seeing something on your blog.

Elaine said...

Sounds like you had a good visit with a lot of different family members. Have fun at the car show.