September 7, 2010

Sept 2010 finally!!! back on the water

I spent the last few days putting all the stuff back into the boat.

We were up early …nice breezy morning…slight ..drizzle…just enough to cool us off. We finished loading the freezer food…moved the bird to her travel cage and headed for the lake.

As we were backing down the ramp….Jim realized he’d left the trailer guides home…he takes them off while traveling…the trailer is over the 10’ limit with them….

We launched and while I readied the boat…inflated the dingy and stowed it on the swim platform…Jim headed back to the house to get the guides… problem launching without them…but will need them when we haul out.

We saw very little wildlife the first part of the trip….later in the afternoon…I spotted this big gator. He is huge.053cw


It was hot today….but lots of big puffy clouds gave us some shade and the breeze picked up….not a bad day for traveling.

A short time later…just as Jim laid down for a quick nap….I spotted another big one….073cs

I snapped this one just as it headed into the water. Looks a bit pissed…don’t you think?075cs

It made a big splash to show it’s disapproval of our butting into it’s territory…..then glared at us from the water.


or perhaps…..just saying “come on in…the water is fine”?

I have seen Blue Herons sunning like this during the cool weather…maybe it had just bathed and needed to dry out.


We anchored about 4pm….near Drigger Island. Still have a nice breeze but the clouds have cleared up some and when the sun hits the boat it is very warm….supposed to be in the mid 70’s tonight…should be good sleeping.

We can hear a gator growling every now and then.

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Hira Reid said...

I'm back on the water as well, fighting the rain squalls with you on the opposite coast. I'm sure we will have some fun adventures.
Hira onboard Shatoosh
Martin Slough, Columbia River